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Fic: Requiem, PG-13

Title: Requiem
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Angst

Summary: Death didn't come immediately for all of the Guardians. One of them remained for a short while...and she had questions to answer. Pre-series, set after Scarab's betrayal. Amenhotep POV. Cannon character death.

A/N: I was 10 when Mummies Alive originally aired, and at 25, I'm still a fan. :) This fic has been floating around on my computer for quite a while, and I was finally inspired to finish it. It's a more serious take on the show, intended to fill in some of the gaps we were left with in the flashbacks of Scarab's betrayal. It focuses on Nefer-Tina. Obviously, the embalmers *had* to notice that she wasn't a man, lol. But she was still buried as a Guardian, apparently with the Pharaoh's blessing. This is my take on just how that happened.

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