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Kicking Tut and taking names.

I'm new to this community and a newbie/latecomer to MA! in general, but appreciative of its existance nonetheless. I actually started watching the show because an online friend began writing a Mummies Alive! and Mighty Max crossover, and my love for the latter compelled me to check out the former. I'm about ten episodes in.

Anyway, I've noticed quite a few really great motifs that can be expounded on by fandom, and have recently even read a surprisingly good Rath/Scarab story over at FF.Net. I think I was mainly surprised that the pairing WORKED - I'm not a stranger to slash by a long, long shot, but oftentimes, characters get paired more because of the author's fancy for them rather than any canon consistency or chemistry. However, I've seen the episode with the homeless people where Rath and Scarab make very similar comments about the nature of vagrants in Ancient Egypt compared to the modern world, as well as the one where Scarab calls someone to his aid to help rid him of a cold, and Rath approaches him to assist the mummies in bringing them down. Possibly it was my brain working overtime, but it seemed like there was a lot of unspoken words between them.

I think one of my favorite characters is Scarab, which is unsurprising, really - I usually go for the villains. I find him fascinating, and I generally like the show, even though it tends to lapse into self-parody a little too much to take it seriously. (I mean. Scarab trying to exert his revenge through fast food? Wearing bunny slippers? Yeeeah.) I'm not saying the light moments aren't hitting their intended audience - they ARE funny! - but it's sort of a guilty pleasure watching them more than anything; like, I try to explain their existance away from the main canon, or something. If that makes sense.

One thing I HAVE noticed is the distinct lack of Presley/Rapses-related anything. I even found, ah, a Scarab action figure on eBay a while ago - impulse buying is bad, mmkay - and on the back, there are advertisements for figures of the mummies and basically everybody BUT Presley. It just seems a little odd to me, given that he's technically the main character. I think he's a cute kid, personally - definitely bratty at times, and a little prissy, but he has a good heart, and I don't roll my eyes when he's on-screen. I look forward to seeing how/if he grows at all by the series' end. Am I totally alone in this? From what I've seen, he's pretty underrepresented in canon, too, compared to pontification on things like Nefertina's gender-bending, Scarab, etc. Where is the love?

Um, and now that I've finished rambling messily and like an overeager kid on Christmas, I shall take my leave. :D
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