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Most Annoying

Who's your most annoying representation of an Egyptian God in Mummies Alive?

I'd have to say the one I hate the most is Nuhn! BAH. So annoying! With all the cheesey jokes, his horrible character design and that annoying voice/laugh. -____- I think it's a far cry from what the god representation of "Nuhn" would have been to the Egyptians. And wasn't Nuhn just water anyway? I thought Hapi was the God of the Nile and would have been a better choice to make this guy rather than Nuhn. =P At least then they would be playing a huge annoying play on words with his name "Hapi" and his over giddy personality. <.<;

Next would have to be Geb. Ohhh the way they protray him as a dimwitter ninny makes me want to punch a wench.

/me ends rant
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