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Who wants to read something CRAZY and SCARY? :D

*Cue unnecessarily long explination*

So like~ I was up waving good bye to my mom and grandma as they went to work this morning. I started randomly thinking about how about 9 years ago I would usually be up around this time getting ready to leave for school and waiting for the school bus. And then I thought about how at this time I'd usually be watching Mummies Alive back then while waiting and I'd never, ever get to see the end of the episode because the school bus would arrive within the last 10 minutes. (Boy I hated that). So then I started feeling more nostalgic and I thought about watching my Mummies Alive DVD (a gift a friend sent me in the mail out of the blue one day 8D) at 7:30 am for "old times sake". Well I decided against it because I didn't want to watch TV and instead went back to my room to place Puzzlepirates (woot.).

SO. About an hour later I got up off my rear because I thought I was missing a show I wanted to watch (Boy isn't that scarily Ironic? My psychic powers strike AGAIN.I wondered where they were.. ) so I went into the living room. I checked the station I wanted but the show I thought I was missing wasn't on. So then I had a weird feeling to check the TVguide channel and LO AND BEHOLD. I saw Mummies Alive was on tv at that very moment. I think I had a fucking cow, you guys! :D So I zoomed over and it was the last 10 minutes. I thought about taping it but I was in such a shock that I couldn't really do anything other than run in a circle going "OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGRath<3OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG" DDDDDDDDDD: THIS IS JUST THE BEST.

SO! For me here in Houston, Texas Mummies Alive! comes on at 8:30AM on channel UPN (which is channel 4 here). I dunno if that's the same anywhere else in the country but check your local listings! I'm pretty sure UPN is a national channel? And didn't Mummies Alice start on UPN? Or am I just getting confused? (Back when I just remember MA being on Channel "9" which I remember recently being UPN before they change to our channel "4" ^^;;;;).

And Oh man you guys, Mummies Alive is like 9 years old. 9. :( I feel so old. It's been almost a DECADE. :(

I wish that MA would get repopular now and be brought back from the

Now I'm going to kill someone if they suddenly take the show off the air now that I've just found it again........ *shakes fist*
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