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I'm a double-posting spam monkey...

But I brought fic, so that kinda makes it okay. Right? Oh, and icons. I'm nice like that.

Title: Sinister Games
Catagory: Crossover/Action
Pairings: Erm... none, so far.
Rating: I *think* it's going to level off at PG-13.
Warning: Silliness?
Summary: Two years after he went on to the afterlife, Atem has been brought back from the dead. Unfortunately, the man who brought him back has less than kind intentions! Yuugiou/Mummies Alive crossover.

1. 2. 3.

Please comment and credit if you use any. Yay. :D

Well, I'm done harassing the old comm for now. XD

EDIT: O, LJ cut. What did I do to you?

EDIT 2: *explitive delted*
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