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What could membership to yet another community hurt?

Yeeeah, sure. I did a search for MA out of a whim to float back into the fandom for a little while and thought "Okay, if it has posts within the last, oh, year or so, I shall join". So here I am. Really, I'm shocked that there's any activity in the entire fandom. People are still submitting fanfiction to sites, this place is still alive, RPs are still going. O_o Pretty cool.

I might post fics here if I feel so inclined. Be warned that I have what could be called a unique way of writing some characters. I also have a very hard time writing honest-to-god serious fanfiction for the show. So far, at least. If I ever have to write JaKal, who is forever and ever, the Biggest Ball of Angst Ever, that might change.

<3 to all.
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