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Curious to know if interested

I was rewatchin' the show on YouTube and, much as I love it, some of the sillier parts and the uses of the Egyptian myths and gods had me seriously cringin'. After readin' some of the comments on how abruptly the show ended and the dumped second season, I started thinkin', "Well, what if we did a fan fiction version of a reboot that incorporates aspects of the original show with the plot points that would have been in the second season, and add in a few extras to keep things interestin'?"

As the titled stated, I'm curious to know if anyone would be interested in somethin' like that. At this point in time it's nothin' more than an idea;  it's goin' to be a while before I have the spare time to be doin' necessary research, fabricatin' new plot/s and non-Mary/Gary Stu characters, figure out plausible backgrounds for existin' characters, etc. This would be my first major project, but I'd rather not do somethin' if it's just goin' to sit around stagnantly on the web. Also, if there's anyone interested in helpin' out with it if I should go ahead, be it a beta reader, co-writer, someone to bounce ideas around with and so on.

Let me know what you think, guys. Worth it or toss it?
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