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Hi I'm old!

Well I'm old to this fandom anyway. I was 11 when I first watched Mummies Alive and I'm 26 now, man where did all the time go? Anyway I've recently got back into this show after watching all the episodes again on Youtube and I can't tell you how disappointed I am that this show never got a second season.

Watching some of the later episodes as an adult I was surprised at how much of its darker subtext it was beginning to explore. Ja-kal dealing with his family being torn apart by his duty in the episodes with his brother. Nefer-tina trying to deal with the isolation of their duties in 'True Believer'. Adding to that an old interview I read where the creators wanted to have Amanda discover Presley's secret in the second season and have Presley turn 13, making him a man in the eyes of the mummies and not a boy anymore seemed like that would have been a chance for a lot of great character growth for everybody, and it's shame that never happened.

Oh well I guess there's always fanfic and I'll probably try my hand at writing some. Especially because I have something new that I never had watching this show as a kid: I ship a pairing in this fandom now. Rath/Nefer-tina FTW!
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