Simaitha Selene (simaetha) wrote in teh_mummiez,
Simaitha Selene

Feeling nostalgic again...

It's been a while since anyone posted here!! I've been feeling nostalgic lately for Mummies Alive again and I'm STILL disappointed that there hasn't been an official release of all the episodes. Are they ever gonna give us our fix?? I don't even care if I'm now 27 years old and that the show first aired 15 years ago, I still want my damn mummies.

It's also funny to see my posts under my old LJ name mbt. I can't believe how long I've been a fan and a member of this community. Time goes too quickly! Is there still anybody in this community? Does anyone still write fanfiction or create fanart? I've never been much of a writer myself, but I enjoyed keeping up with the rest of the fandom. However, it's been a while since I've snooped around the web to look for any updates.

Anyway, just needed to get some of my feelings out. I miss this show so damn much! It really had so much potential if they had decided to continue, but sadly it might have become bogged down by more corny jokes and pop culture. Oh, well! I guess it's up to the remaining fans to keep on creating...
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