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A Scarab story (SHOCKER)!

Okay so, I know I just posted a really long rambling thing that I seriously doubt anyone has even read, not the least because this community hasn't had any activity for over a year, but I wrote a Scarab story, which also happens to be my first - and possibly only - MA! 'fic, and I thought I'd share in case there were any stragglers in these parts. (It'll also be cross-posted to FF.Net, of course.)

Summary: ‘He hadn’t meant for it to happen exactly as it did – killing Prince Rapses, that is’. Rated PG-13 for violence. This is based on the episode, “Sleepwalk like an Egyptian” – my favorite bits of the series by and large are the flashbacks to the characters’ lives in Ancient Egypt.


P.S.: The theme song for this series is so. Cool. Seriously. I want it for my iPod. :D
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